A Letter Sent from ALONG FIT

Posted on October 11 2021

Dear AF Girls,


It has been a long day without you. How is it going? We hope this finds you well. Have you ever heard about the news that new "jeans" have been launched in the fashion circle? What a fast fashion pace.


During the coronavirus pandemic period, we have to stay at home so that we can stay connected and keep normal. As time goes by, the fantasy for casual, free working, and home fitness is stronger and stronger. The reason is SWEATPANTS!


In 2020, sweatpants have transitioned into a new form of personal style instead of one kind of clothing that was considered too casual and lazy. According to some popular online shopping platforms like AMAZON, searches for“sweatpants”saw an 85 percent spike, while the search term“sweats”saw a 50 percent increase. They have already become the new "jeans" in our wardrobe.


But sometimes choosing a pair of sweatpants might be more complicated since they differ in the trouser legs, silhouette, waistband, color, and brand. To make it easier, we had explored new pair of sweatpants for you. It was designed for all the daily things we can do like work, play, exercise, lounge, and more. All at an incredible and affordable value.


Fitness for all, designed by ALONG FIT. Sounds nice? Our new sweatpants can be our everyday life. They are easy to match and comfortable to wear with stunning design. Wide leg; loose fit, all-matched color, high elastic waistband. They are all included. These styles are appearing on many occasions like the office, the fanciest restaurants, and even on a catwalk.


At the same time, we added an adjustable drawstring to let you tighten or loosen totally by yourself. This is where the adjustable fit comes from. While the comfortable elastic band will keep it on your waist without rolling off.


And the next part, the pocket part. The convenience of handy pockets is attached firmly in the sweatpants now. For every daily item you need. Don't worry about the storage problem, powerful, secure, strong are their keywords. They had already worked it out.


Wearing sweatpants is marching into our daily life. If you pair it with t-shirts, tank tops, or cozy oversized sweaters, you would feel like it is gently hugging us. Isn't it everything you ever want? And it's here right in front of you.


So let it become your fave in your wardrobe. The sweatpants will be in season at the end of Sept. What are you waiting for? Come to ALONG FIT amazon's official store to explore more.


Looking forward to your visit,



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