Bootcut yoga pants: an increasing trend in popularity

Posted on May 25 2021

Bootcut yoga pants: an increasing trend in popularity

Wearing something appropriate for every activity is a must. As we know, many classic yoga leggings can wear for work or in our daily life, but sometimes they “hug” our body so much like sticky candy. As we noticed these years, one kind of vintage and unconventional yoga pants are increasingly popular again in the fashion circle.

Yes! The bootcut yoga pants backed on the stage again! It is also called“jazz pants” in the old era. Nowadays, a lot of people have bootcut yoga pants as part of their wardrobe. In this period’s article, we would like to bring you our ALONG FIT new bootcut yoga pants.

If you had understood the bootcut design concept, you would find it an amazing masterpiece. It can meet all your needs in working, exercising or just lounging at home. The flare and high waistband design makes your legs look slender and baggy to wear. What's more, the two big side pockets and a hidden waistband pocket, conveniently hold your keys, credit cards or mobile phone firmly. And finally, non-see-through, this is a huge plus on it! These are the reasons why fashion continues to welcome this trend again.


For workouts, they can be flattering with the right accessories. Our bootcut yoga pants can be paired with different shoes and tops based on our everyday activities to achieve a comfortable and fashionable style.

Paired with sneakers are the key point if you want to strut an athleisure ensemble. If you want to change, others like slim athletic shoes; sporty casual shoes or flat sandals can be favorable alternative as well. For the top, you can wear tank tops; t-shirts or blazers. These could be a really great experience on them.


  For work, bootcut yoga pants are highly recommended because they can easily be paired with business suits like long blouses. If you choose tight yoga pants, it might expose bumps that will surely affect a person's confidence.

Pick a nice pair of shoes or select additional accessories. That would help you create a professional image and win more applause from your workmates during working. Shoes with heels would go well with blazers or jackets, while flats would be helpful for longer blouses. Accessories like handbag, sunglasses, and jewelry would make the outfit look more stylish.

Worried about the length problem? Don’t worry, we had considered it before it happened. We had added (28"/30"/32") length versions for different heights. Besides, if the original size does not fit your body, you can just simply CUT OFF THE EXTRA PART of the pants. By the way, it can all be done by "DIY".

Ready to begin your new journey? You could discover more in our amazon official store, we have lots of new arrivals. Enjoy your visiting tour.


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