How To Choose A Yoga Studio

Posted on August 30 2019

How To Choose A Yoga Studio

An important part of yoga training is choosing the right yoga studio. Only by choosing a professional yoga instructor can you get twice the result with half the effort. Let's talk about Along Fit: Along Fit teaches everyone how to choose a yoga studio.


The practice environment of yoga is as close as possible to nature. Of course, yoga practiced indoors is difficult to do, but at least ventilation is a must. Many yoga studios use confined spaces, and only one or two air conditioners are used to ventilate and adjust the indoor temperature, which is very unfavorable for the health of yoga practitioners.


Cleaning requirements include site cleaning and cleaning of yoga equipment. A good environment can bring a calm and happy mood to the practitioner. At the same time, because during the practice of yoga, many students will leave a lot of sweat due to their physical exertion. If they are not cleaned in time, a large number of bacteria will breed on the yoga mat, which will not only cause the yoga mat to emit a very unpleasant smell. More serious will lead to skin disease.


When practicing yoga, we require appropriate and soft light. The light should not be too strong, otherwise, it is not conducive to the concentration of the students. However, too dim light is not good, which is not conducive to the observation of the teacher's movements in the back row, which will lead to the students' actions are not standard or wrong.


Practicing yoga requires a quiet and comfortable environment. Before the formal yoga class begins, there will be a special person to “clear the field”. There are also special people in the course to teach outside the classroom to avoid unnecessary sound interference. The noisy environment is not conducive to the students entering the meditation state.

Q:  Is a beginner a good choice for a professional yoga class or a yoga class at the gym?

A:   Because you haven't touched it, as a beginner, you may not know much about the actions you can't do, such as what you can't do during the physiological period, or who have high blood pressure, diabetes, or cervical discomfort. Can't do anything, so go to some professional yoga studios, or find some professional teachers to teach you! Otherwise, it is easy to get hurt!

Tips: Choosing a yoga studio is best to refer to the principle of proximity

The so-called principle of proximity is that when choosing a yoga studio, it is better to choose a venue that is closer to the range of your regular activities (such as a company or a home) on the premise that the yoga studios are more formal. Because yoga needs to practice frequently, if you are an office worker, I believe that you don't want to go back several times to get back to the bus every time you practice yoga!

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