How To Meditate

Posted on August 21 2019

How To Meditate

I'm sharing how novices start meditating from three perspectives, mainly in several areas:

1.The basic principles of meditation are what and how to control attention.

2.Specific methods of meditation, time, place, posture, meditation, and so on.

3.Some tools that can help us meditate better.

Principles of Meditation

Many people talk about meditation, say to focus, pay attention to their own breathing, but also cross the legs, to empty, to feel the heart, life or something.
However, the novice basically can not do these, walking is a frequent thing, cross-legged is also very difficult to feel what does not feel, finally found that it is not fun at all, adhere to, and then from the entry to give up.
So, it's not like that, at least not the meditation I touch. The meditation I'm exposed to has only one principle of concentration:
Meditation does not require you to stay focused, but to pull it back when you realize it is a demeanor.
What do you mean, when newbies meditate, they don't need to ask themselves to stay focused at all times.
For example, you focus on your breath, and then you ... go within a few seconds and want to eat what you want to eat today... Realize that it's okay, pull back, feel breathing, and after a while, and then go, think of some of the things above the job ... It took a long time to realize that it was okay to walk away, pull back, feel breathing. Then repeat the process constantly until the end of the meditation.
As for those who have been focused, the whole process of high concentration, and even on meditation, mindfulness and so on are not suitable for novices .

Understanding this principle, what other postures, focusing on where it is not important.


When it comes to meditation, it's natural to think getting up early and find a quiet place to sit down cross-legged.
Nope, just di it, let's talk about the method from the following aspects.

  • Time
    Feel free, at any time, as long as you are free.
    I usually meditate at noon instead of lunch break. I'll also meditate for a while when you're tired at the end of your morning workout.
    The duration is between 10 minutes and half an hour, I usually 15 minutes. After all, it's just a means to improve your personal status, don't spend much time on it every day.
  • Place
    It's naturally a quiet place, but it's also possible to have a slightly noisy place like the office, and the gadgets below will give you the idea.
  • Posture
    Cross-legged is not necessary, sitting, lying, even standing.
  • Focusing method
    Generally feel breathing, but feel the heartbeat is OK, or concentrated in the nose, mind or something, can imagine a stone has been falling down, as long as there is a point of attention to stare on the line, used to pull back attention.


There are three tools, earbuds, eye masks, and alarm clocks (or phone).

Earplugs and eye masks are mainly used to shield the sound and light of the outside world, especially during the day and in the more lively offices or neighborhoods, the outside influence is still quite large.

The eye mask can cover the light,and earplugs can be used with reusable foam earplugs.


Mobile phone alarm clock is mainly to control their meditation time, because meditation is easy to forget time.

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