Know What to Wear for Yoga

Posted on August 26 2019

Know What to Wear for Yoga

Yoga has long been more than just a weight-loss exercise, with more and more people practicing yoga, has become a fashion, a trend, a leading, so you want to stand out in a group of yoga people, to achieve the most attention in the crowd, that must have a little "skills" in the selection of yoga clothes, It's the brightest star in the crowd.


With the variety of yoga clothes fashion, a variety of yoga clothes emerge endlessly, some professional style, some of the old wind, let me these yoga people are fast hold. So how do we choose the right workout leggings, wear fashion, show a slim waist? Come on, follow in me and see.



Comfort nature is the main

what modern people wear? Nowadays, focus on comfort nature, functionality-oriented. Comfort nature is known, but what does it mean to be mainly functional? Because yoga has a lot of full-body stretching of the big action, and not only a few angles of the action, so, if wearing cotton linen loose comfortable clothing, it is very airy, comfortable, but sometimes it will be because the fabric is not elastic, there is a sense of hand and foot. In addition, because of our movements, there may be shoulder-to-shoulder, head and foot posture, if the workout leggings are too loose, there will be a downward dilemma, but let the abdomen or legs out.



Wear a cloth that absorbs moisture and sweats.

Although this material is not a purely natural material, there is an advantage: sweating, its sweating is indeed better than cotton hemp, and will not because the workout leggings, wet glued to the body, a long time may be eczema, more uncomfortable. And moisture sweating cloth kinds are still many, it is recommended that you can compare more different qualities, choose a more detailed texture, the better the elasticity of the best. Some of the fabric of chemical fiber is added very heavy, wearing on the body as if wrapped in thick nylon cloth, is the next selection.


Protect the navel from exposure because the yoga population is growing rapidly, more international factories put into the so-called production and marketing of yoga clothing. Some friends will ask, what is it? difference between a yoga suit and a general rhythm suit? In fact, the two materials are almost different, the style is similar, it is really difficult to distinguish what is real yoga clothes. However, I think the so-called yoga clothes, and rhythm clothes the biggest difference is: the navel try not to show. Many rhythmic suits for the sake of fashion and beauty, workout leggings will be designed into a low-waist style, whether the jacket is wearing sports underwear short top, or vest-style long top, will let the belly button bare. It's visually beautiful, but it's not very good for a yogi.


Don't wear it too tight.

In addition to protecting the navel, I found that most yoga practitioners have a common point, that is, they don't like to have too many accessories on their workout leggings, clothes are too tight. In particular, the underwear tight belt, if too tight, not only feels uncomfortable on the body but also affects the breathing cross-diaphragm and lung cavity expansion of the action. In addition, if the abdomen has a ring buckle and other ornaments, will let the arch-type, locust-type, and other abdominal action, do more hard, is not?



Although we wear mostly elastic fabrics, in order to show curves, wear unsuitable pants, will also let their own movements slow. This is also where yoga clothes and rhythmic suits are not the same: yoga clothes do not necessarily emphasize the display of beautiful chest or waist, but the emphasis on wearing comfortable can do the action.


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