Tips for yoga trainer

Posted on July 09 2019

Tips for yoga trainer

Practice time: Practice daily, you can choose early morning, noon or evening, preferably 2to4 hours after meals on an empty stomach.

Practice places: Airy, quiet and beautiful environment, if available, it is better to practice outdoors

Clothing: Relaxed, light, comfortable, as little as possible with accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, hair accessories and so on.

Yoga Breathing: Generally the movement should be coordinated with breathing. Adjusting is a way for a yoga practitioner not to jump. The adjustment can simply be interpreted as bringing the practitioner to a certain state by controlling breathing.

If there is no special need, breathe throughout the nose: the nose hair filters dirty air and harmful bacteria, and also stabilizes nerves and makes the body healthier.

In general, the exercise in the adjustment can be robust, clean the exerciser's gas (in the eyes of the yogi there are many energy pipes in the human body, the number of which can not be generalized.) Make the body's respiratory system healthier and life more powerful.

The significance of the adjustment is not only reflected on the changes in the body, in fact, it can calm the practitioner's mind, so that the practitioner better into a smooth and peaceful state, is a powerful auxiliary of some meditation practice methods.

Yoga's breathing feature is that it moves the diaphragm to the maximum amount of time, exhaling out and inhaling it completely, which allows us to drain carbon dioxide, waste, and dirty air completely out of the lungs to maintain the health of the lungs.

Diet: After half an hour of practice, you can eat and try to eat fresh, natural food. Yoga divides food into inert foods (meat), transsexual foods (peppers), and pleasant foods (fruits, vegetables, milk). Yoga practitioners recommend eating more pleasure foods, eating less inert foods, and fasting transgender foods.

Age: Suitable for people of all ages, but the intensity of the action should vary from person to person. Each pose has a stretch point, so focus on body changes in practice to find this point.

Bathing: Do not do yoga for half an hour before and after bathing:

Excessive blood circulation, high blood pressure, and soft muscles can easily cause physical injury.

Thoughts: Put the mind on the movement and body changes, feel the changes in the body and mind. Focus on a certain part of the body, not only feel easy to learn but also better results.The body should be relaxed, the state of mind should be peaceful.

Position: Must be based on their own comfort, should not be too hard, if the body too painful should stop to relax. Do not do only one posture method from start to finish: in order to cure low back pain only do one posture, will only make the back pain more serious.

Every step of yoga practice to be careful, not too quick, the practice process gradually increased strength and difficulty. Each individual position movement has its own particularity, in the treatment of disease on the basis of some diseases have adverse effects, so it is important to understand their own physical condition, and understand the fitness of this position movement towards the appropriate population to practice again, to avoid or reduce the harm of yoga to the body.

It is more important to grasp the slow process of positional method and the feeling of body movement than to complete the posture.



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