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Founded in Dec. 2017, Along Fit is a sports & fitness clothing brand mainly targeting North American and European markets and covering more than 1 million female consumers. Our founders wanted to spread " FITNESS. WELLNESS. HAPPINESS." by bringing yoga apparel to customers who are desiring the philosophy that "everyone could be fit and happy".


At Along Fit, we believe being healthy doesn't have to spend more money or try to look like anyone else. We believe health and wellness could exist in different shapes and sizes. So we adhere to create customer-oriented and practical product experiences, work hard for spiritual happiness and pursuit excellence.


As we hope to change the way you live and how you feel about being active so we design our products based on plenty of feedback from real customers' experiences. Now we infuse high-performance fabrics with expert workmanship into the products, uniting fashion and functionality together. Along with these years, we‘ve got over 30,000 reviews on Amazon and multiple listings with "Bestseller" and "Amazon Choice".


From our perspective, yoga pants should not just for yoga. We hope to encourage you to reach an authentic, healthy and confident person by providing comfortable and high-quality products. This is why we strive to redefine fitness clothes with functionality and aesthetics. They can no longer just confine themselves to yoga studios. They can promote your emotional well-being strengthens resilience, increase confidence and raise your self-esteem no matter where you are or what you do.

We don't just sell sportswear, we advocate an active way of life. Along Fit's concentration on "FITNESS. WELLNESS. HAPPINESS" will never be over. Let’s live fully with Along Fit!


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