About Along Fit

Founded in Dec. 2017, Along Fit is a sports & fitness clothing brand mainly targeting North American and European markets and covering more than 1 million female consumers. Our founders wanted to spread " FITNESS. WELLNESS. HAPPINESS." by bringing yoga apparel to customers who are desiring the philosophy that "everyone could be fit and happy"...

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Our blog

  • Your body, your rule

    Posted on March 27 2021

    With the rise of social media, body shaming has become more and more common. Statistics indicate that over 80% of teenage girls have been body-shamed around the world. Something like...

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  • Sweat Series Recommendation

    Posted on March 03 2021

       There’s scientifically proven that people who wear sauna suits have an increased metabolism of 20.8% and facilitates greater weight loss and actually, there’s a whopping 40.4% increasing in weight loss...

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  • Yoga pants, not just for yoga

    Posted on January 28 2021

    Jeans and skirts all have their places in our wardrobe, but they also have their limitations when it comes to comfort. Some clothes, like jeans, look great in the dressing...

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