5 Main Types Of Yoga

Posted on August 30 2019

5 Main Types Of Yoga

Here's a look at some of the main orthodox yoga genres that have been widely promoted.

01 Ayyange Yoga

Ayyange Yoga is a well-known Hatha Yoga school, founded by B.K.S. Ayyanger. It is characterized by precise requirements for the shape and the need to use a variety of accessories. The precision and position required by Ayyanger Yoga are now being used by other genres, generally using accessories such as yoga ropes, stretching bands, yoga bricks, yoga chairs, and more.

Suitable type: The use of accessories and the precision of the body, making Ayyang yoga known for its safety, Ayyange yoga classes are set up slowly and in moderation. Each posture requires stability and maintains the depth of breath in the posture. So suitable for beginners, hard people, patients, people who need to adjust their physical condition, post-operative recovery. Many people recover by practicing Ayyange Yoga, but free-spirited people may find Ayyangyoga too much bound, too many boxes and too dull.

02 Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga was created by founder Paulie Zink in a combination of Indian yoga, Chinese medicine, and anatomy. When practicing yin yoga, emphasize the relaxation of the whole body, try to empty all distractions, combined with slow breathing, maintain 3-5 minutes or even 10 minutes in one movement, each body to reach the limit of the state to recover a little bit. To make the muscles in a completely relaxed state, to exercise to the bones, fascia, to regulate the nervous system, to stimulate the meridian, in order to make people calm and regulate the role of yin and yang.

Suitable type: Practicing yin yoga can relax and relieve stress, suitable for people who have a poor body, poor flexibility, stress and long-term practice of yang yoga. It is recommended that Yin and Yang's yoga intersperse the practice to bring your body to a balance between yin and yang and that the practice of Yin yoga can also make the practice of yang yoga do more with less.

03 Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga was also founded on The Hatha Yoga, founded by Indian yoga guru Bikram and his wife. The so-called high-temperature yoga is done in a high-temperature environment of 38 degrees C-40 degrees C. It consists of a fixed set of 26  actions, which are generally not modified.

Suitable type: in the high-temperature environment combined with yoga body exercises, can make the practitioner quickly sweat a lot of sweat, sweat can take away the body's toxins, high temperature can also make the body quickly move, for more rigid people and people who need detox, weight loss is very suitable. But not suitable for people with major diseases, poor health, and the beginning of the disease.

04 Stream Yoga

Streaming yoga(Hatha vinyasa flow yoga)is now a super-popular type of yoga, flow in Flow Yoga means "flow, smooth" , so-called "Flow Yoga", it is the genre founded in the United States after yoga was introduced to the West. In the course of the practice of flow yoga, it is characterized by the connection between movement and movement as smooth as flowing, with a greater emphasis on the stretching, strength, flexibility, concentration, and endurance of the movement of the comprehensive exercise, each core style is used vinyasa to close lying. On the whole, it gives people a feeling of being in a good breath. The intensity is somewhere between the traditional Harheand and Ashtanga.

Suitable type: Suitable for healthy young people, people who want to lose weight and detox, people who are distracted and mildly autistic, it is recommended to practice basic Hatha yoga for more than half a year before practicing flow yoga. Not suitable for the exercise of the infirm and sick.

05 Astanga Yoga

Astanga is · made by Pataby Joyce founded it. This type of yoga style is quite challenging, needs to have good physical fitness to complete, characterized by series, beam ingress and so on. Astanga Yoga is strict exercise. 3 levels of base, intermediate, and advanced. Each level of choreography is fixed and starts with 5 sunS A and B, with a large number of positions already practices in the middle, ending with inverting and resting. Strong, can burn a lot of calories, remove toxins.

Suitable type: Because Ashtanga Yoga requires a particularly high physical fitness requirement for practitioners and a fixed posture at each level, the exerciser is required to have very good physical fitness. People with general physical conditions are not suitable for practice. The reason why Astonga is so popular in Europe and America may also be because they are more fit for Astoria.

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