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Posted on July 15 2020

yoga practicing

Unconsciously, my yoga class has been on for several months, although only once a week class time, I still learned a lot in class, I also began to slowly understand yoga, step into the door of yoga practitioners.


Yoga is a simple but connotative sport

Yoga is a magical sport. It's not as tough as dance, nor as idle as conducting. It combines softness and stability, which makes it reflects a different kind of aesthetic feeling. It's the beauty of growth, the beauty of movement.

In comparison with other sports, yoga pays more attention to the inner world and can touch people's hearts. This is the biggest feeling yoga gives me. In the past, my thoughts might not be calm, and my emotions will rise and fall easily, so it is easy to get fidgety for no reason. Every time that I practice yoga, I believe my heart is more easy to calm down and my worries are being pulled out of my mind. Normally, around the body, there will be a sense of relaxation all over the body after doing yoga.

Yoga doesn't require you to make the movements more complicated or to a certain standard. The teacher told me that it aim to achieve their own extreme, yoga will never exist competition, do not need to compare with others about who can do it better, as long as you make your mind and body relaxed in the process.

Every day I make a little progress, every time to my own extreme. Then you will surely harvest a lot of precious things. I believe that as long as you work hard, you will get something. Never try to force yourself in life, just follow what it was. Yoga makes me have such a state of mind, which is also the reason why I am happy, never ask for more, just thanks for the gift of life, I will bring it into my future life.

Each time, with the beautiful and soothing music, following the teacher's gentle command, sit cross-legged, close your eyes, be free from any distractions, concentrate all your thoughts, and start to breathe out the fresh oxygen and exhaust gas in the body. You will feel the tiredness of our day exhaled out of the body, and feel a very relaxed and refreshing comfort.


Practice yoga is to focus on your breath

My favorite Yoga action is Child’s Pose. Under the soft music, I feel that the comfort of my head and my body. My exhaustion is swept out and I enter a different world that was silent. Although it makes me easy to fall asleep, the teacher also said that it doesn't matter if I fall asleep. The important thing is to relax the body and mind. If you fall asleep, you are really relaxed.

Before learning yoga, I never understood the significance of breathing before studying yoga. We do not focus on our breath. We're doing something when we breathe. Therefore, our breath is usually very shallow. Yoga believes that everything in life is maintained in the breath. The study of yoga makes us care about our breath and experience our breath. It tells us that we are not alone. The universe is with us and nature is with us. And paying attention to your breathing can also distract you from the pain you feel when practicing some movements. Ever since I learned to meditate, peace is along with me, and I seldom feel irritable any more.

Although I can't practice yoga well with my breath, I believe that after a period of practical exercise, I will go further. 

I've heard the word "Yoga" for a long time. I've heard of its magical physiotherapy and perfect shaping. It tells us to throw away all our troubles so that we can get rid of the burden that we have been carrying on our bodies.

Practice yoga is to take your time

My body belongs to the kind of relatively rigid, many movements are very difficult for me. Usually, after I finish yoga, all parts of my body will ache for several days, and each time the pain is different, sometimes it is neck, thigh, arm and waist, maybe its because the focus of each class is different. However, the teacher said that the biggest function of Yoga lies in self-cultivation, and sticking to the position can achieve the effect of yoga practice. At the beginning, I didn't do a lot of movements very well. Later, the teacher said with a big smile: it doesn't matter if I don't do it in place.

Yoga is to take time. As long as you keep practicing, you can do it slowly. Yoga position practice is to gently stretch at the extreme edge of the body and stretch your body in a safe range. Do not force, do personal limit edge is good, the probability of injury is almost zero. My experience is feeling your body in the process of exercise is something good. After finishing yoga, the body has the ache feeling, which indicated that you practiced earnestly. Many times down, each action as far as possible to achieve their own limits, gradually the body has become softer.

Yoga doesn't need too much space and complex equipment. Anyone can practice yoga. You don't have to go to the gym. You can do it at home and in your bedroom. And its benefits are very broad. All you need to do is buy Yoga suit and a yoga mat, it’s pretty simple right?


What does yoga benefit us?

In the past, people often heard that yoga can lose weight. In fact, it can also reduce stress, relieve tension, eliminate psychological barriers, restore peace and tranquility, make people feel healthy, and improve our ability to concentrate.

 Body shaping

The so-called weight loss through yoga is its "body shaping" function, which can beautify the lines of human body. So that excess, inappropriate fat to the place to go, make our body more beautiful.

Nourish the body

Yoga can also nourish the body, correct the spine disease caused by daily fatigue or bad posture, improve the bad posture, enhance self-confidence, and stretch our muscles.


 Regulate the skin

It can also regulate and nourish the skin. Through bending, stretching, twisting, pushing, and squeezing various postures, it can play a self-massage role in our internal organs, strengthen psychological function, regulate endocrine, and make human metabolism better.

 Practice yoga to maintain physical and mental health 

 Yoga through a series of ways to make people's physical and mental health to achieve the best state, when you are confused, practice yoga will make you happy, relieve your pressure, take you to a good mood, reduce depression, regular practice people will become more and more intelligent.

It can also delay aging, some yoga trainers have said, when you start practicing yoga, your age stays at the time when you begin to practice yoga, this sentence may be a little bit exaggerated but It's true. Look at my yoga teachers and other yoga practitioners, their bodies are very good as if they stay at the best of their bodies.


When doing yoga, you should focus on your body and do every move with your heart. Under the teacher's repeated emphasis, gradually understand that to practice yoga well is not the difficulty of the movement, but more important is to focus on your body, to experience each part of your body in simple yoga movements, and feel the whole body quietly.

When practicing each movement, follow the teacher's instructions as much as possible. Yoga is a process of slow change. As long as you do every action with your heart, after a period of time, you will find that you have the obvious changes.

Usually, after finishing a series of postural exercises, the teacher will let us relax and lie on the mat and take us to practice the postural posture. Listen to the teacher's whispering voice: now, our body begins to relax, all parts of our body are loose, very relaxing.

At this moment, I feel really relaxed. My body begins to become very heavy, like a pool of mud spread on the mat. Then I feel that my body becomes very light, as light as a piece of soft feather. When I fly with the breeze, I suddenly feel that I don't know where I am. I feel like I'm lying in the arms of quiet nature with the wind blowing in my ears. Occasionally, one or two birds can be heard in the woods; another is like lying on a rock by the sea, and the sound of waves lapping on the shore faintly comes from my ears. It seems that one or two calls of seagulls can be heard from far to near. That feeling emanates from the bottom of my heart is an indescribable stretch. It’s like I am the spring in nature.

Let's practice yoga together

The benefits of yoga are too much, other functions need to be experienced in the future. Also, thanks to the yoga teacher led me into the door of yoga, to see it one of the mysteries.

What I know at present is that yoga is not only a sport but also a way of life. Yoga will make you change from the inside to the outside, which is the core of this exercise.

Yoga is very important to adhere to, several times a week, to adjust ourselves, so that our body can return to nature, to feel life in the breath. Let's face life with calmness when we practice yoga. Let's face life with peace.


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