How to choose sport underwears?

Posted on July 16 2020

Summer is here and you want to go to the gym, but you are still struggling. Is it necessary to buy sports underwear? How to choose sports underwear? Which underwear is more comfortable? What underwear is the most shock-absorbing?This blog will tell you all the details about sport underwear.


Is sports underwear necessary?

 Many women are worried about whether they need to buy a sports underwear for doing sports. Some wonder whether they should wear sports underwear or not if they have small breasts. Besides, the sports underwear is not good-looking, when meeting a handsome guy and it can't set off their body without a bra.


First of all, sports underwear is designed to fight against the corresponding bad breast movement in sports. Generally speaking, when girls do any unsupported movement (such as running), they will cause three-dimensional breast movement: up and down, from inside to outside, and from one side to the other, that is, figure eight movement. Foreign research data show that every step a woman takes, the average breast movement is 9.08 cm. If the length of each step is 50cm, when you run 1km, your breast will also run 180m.

 breast  structure




Breast does not have muscle, in fact, it relies on ligaments and surface skin to play a supporting role, and with the growth of age and external force, breast suspension ligament as the connective tissue supporting a pile of connective tissue (fat, breast), just like spring rope, pulling too often, the elasticity will become worse, and it will only become more and more elongated and relaxed. Only appropriate underwear and scientific sports can do it Help us fight this tendency. Moreover, if the exercise is not protected in place or not enough support, it may cause discomfort and damage of breast ligament. The injury and sagging are almost irreversible, so it is necessary to choose the proper exercise mode and appropriate protection mode.


So it doesn't matter whether the breast is small. In fact, regardless of the size of the cup, the breast will produce up, down, left, and right displacements in high-intensity sports such as running and aerobics. Even the A cup can still produce more than The movement of 4cm distance, and the sagging that this movement may produce is still irreversible. This matter has nothing to do with the size. In fact, men's breasts tend to sag when they get older. This is caused by the structure of the breast and has nothing to do with the size. Therefore, in addition to support, support or support for breasts during exercise, in addition to shock absorption or shock absorption, ordinary bras can only reduce chest vibrations by 38% during exercise, and suitable sports underwear can increase this value to 70% the above.


In addition to the above two common misunderstandings, other women are concerned about the beauty of wearing sports underwear. As for the breast shape, in fact, the high and thick cushion of ordinary underwear can set off the breast shape. However, during sports, cotton underwear and heavy cushion can not provide the necessary support, but cause the breast to be stuffy in the humid environment for a long time because of sweating and airtight. In addition, as for the appearance of sports underwear, first of all, the sports underwear is very fashionable now. There are many beautiful pictures and videos on YOUTUBE and INS about sport underwear.

Sports underwear function

Just now that we have analyzed so much, let's summarize the main functions of sports underwear

Support and shock absorption
It can provide breast support for women in running, rope skipping, fitness, and other sports scenes to reduce the impact caused by exercise, and avoid the injury, scratch, and sagging caused by exercise. The fixation and cushioning function of the chest helps the sportsman not to worry about the fluctuation of the chest, to be at ease physically and mentally, and even to improve their sports ability (women with large breasts should have experience).

Breathable and comfortable
Different from ordinary underwear, considering the sports scene, sports underwear generally uses high-performance fabrics, which are generally fabrics with functions such as perspiration, moisture absorption, quick-drying, and breathability.

Sports fitness is already a must-have trend for young people. Sports underwear is not only a standard for running fitness scenes but also a trendy cool option to go out directly.


How to choose sports underwear

1.Exercise intensity

The first principle is to choose according to the intensity of exercise. The higher the intensity, the greater the support required.

Refer to the table below for the specific classification method. For low-intensity sports, you can choose the most basic simple fixed sports bra. For high-intensity sports, try to choose a hybrid structure that can only support high strength. When choosing sports underwear, the matching support level is high or low, such as the gym. You can wear high-strength supporting underwear when you are iron, but it is not recommended to wear low-strength underwear.


This is very simple. Even if you exercise at the same intensity in the same environment, the larger the cup is, the higher the level of support required. Those girls who above the C cup is recommended to choose medium and high intensity directly in one step.


 In fact, there are quite a few big-name cotton sport underwears now, but many women with no shopping experience will still be attracted by colorful cotton underwears on the online shop. After buying it you will find it's not that nice as it looks like, so here give a special mention.


According to the structure, there are generally a compression type, a divided cup type, and a hybrid type. From the shoulder strap type, there are crossstrap type, vest type, and racerback type. Let's take a look at the more intuitive shoulder strap styles.


Cross strap type: These straps cross behind and can be fine-tuned. The support force is small. It is commonly used on underwear with low or medium support. To tell the truth, a lot of this type of underwear is really very trendy and individual, so even if the functionality is insufficient, it is still countless on the market.


Vest type: very similar to our daily underwear, the shoulder strap is usually adjustable, and the back is also adjustable for the elasticity of the lower circumference. There are some cross-bands that combine with the first category to increase their value and versatility.


Racerback type: The most classic feature is the shoulder strap's Y-shaped stroke under the back shoulder. Some people may feel that this causes more pressure on the shoulders and necks, but this type of underwear is generally designed as a high-intensity sports underwear that can provide strong support and contain all-round sports, so it is a good choice for big breast woman and people with a high-intensity sports.


The types of shoulder strap does not greatly affect the function, but the structure of the underwear itself directly determines its applicable scene and crowd.


To sum up: high-strength underwear is preferred above C cups, A/B cup girls are optional, it is recommended to choose non-cotton sports performance materials, and it is recommended to choose adjustable straps or ties.



Since our breasts streaking during exercise can cause irreversible relaxation and sag, sports underwear is the necessary equipment for women's sports. It not only needs, but also needs different levels of configuration to provide protection and support.


How to choose sports underwear? Generally, you need to consider exercise intensity, cups, styles, materials, and brands. In general, underwear with high strength support is preferred over C cups. A/B cup is selected according to exercise intensity and personal preferences. It is recommended to choose non-cotton sports performance Material, it is recommended to choose a strap or adjustable strap.



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