7 Must-Know Yoga Tips for Yoga Beginners

Posted on June 06 2019

7 Must-Know Yoga Tips for Yoga Beginners

Someone often asks: " I have never practiced yoga. What should I pay attention to before class? " . Real yoga is not just on a small mat on that side. Many aspects outside the mat are also a kind of yoga, including in the yoga studio. Etiquette, at work, in the manner of life, if you are also a yoga beginner, and you are just ready to start practicing yoga, then you have to take a look at this text!7 Must-Know Yoga Tips for Yoga Beginners

One: Please fasting within an hour before yoga.

Try to ensure that you don't eat anything within an hour before class. If you have low blood sugar or extremely weak body, you can eat a small amount of light food that is easy to digest, such as yogurt, oatmeal, prunes, bananas, etc. A small amount can be eaten and try to eat 30 minutes before class to avoid dizziness, nausea and other uncomfortable reactions in the next yoga practice.

Two: Please arrive at the yoga room in advance.

Don't be late, don't be late, don't be late! Please try to reach the yoga rooms 20-30 minutes in advance. If you are attending the class for the first time, be sure to calculate the various possible conditions in your time, such as traffic jams on the road, unfamiliarity with the address, waiting for the elevator, etc.

Arrive in the yoga room in advance to get familiar with the venue, change clothes, chat with teachers and other practitioners, and plenty of preclass preparation time will give you extra points of your yoga practice!

Three: Please try to wear comfortable clothes or womens yoga leggings.

If you have already prepared your yoga clothes, change the dressing room directly! But many beginners may not be prepared, or because they have no experience, they don't know how to prepare.

In fact, it doesn't matter. It is ok to find a casual and comfortable casual wear sportswear at home, and it will not affect your initial practice. If you like colorful colors, you can choose yoga pants in different colors, blue yoga shorts, green yoga shorts. These colors may make you more enjoyable of doing yoga. After the class, you can exchange the purchase of yoga clothes with the teacher or other practitioners. I believe they will give you good advice.

Four: Please don't bring your phone into the classroom

Maybe you have a lot of doubts about this phenomenon, " I am vibrating or muting." "I don't want to watch it." I promise not to affect other people." If you have these thoughts, please feel free from yourself. Say " NO!"

Yoga practice is not an empty position, there is a soul, it needs to be focused, it needs to be controlled. It is an exercise in energy. During the practice, everyone's energy is constantly ascending, transmitting, colliding. forming a gas in a space. Field, let us get the benefit of this harmonious and stable gas field. Needless to say, mobile phones are a big source of interference. You can choose yoga pants with pockets and even womens high waisted yoga pants to reduce the shackles during exercise. So for you and others to focus on practice, " Please don't bring your phone into the classroom. "

Five: Please go barefoot into the classroom.

First of all, this is a health and hygiene problem. Secondly, in addition to the restraint of shoes and socks, the soles of the feet are in contact with the ground, which means that from this moment on, you can completely open your heart and relax yourself. Of course, in the whole yoga practice, we also advocate barefoot, then you can better feel the strength and strength distribution of the soles of the feet, better balance and stability, and make your body more perfect. It can also massage the meridians of the soles of the feet, stimulate the activity of the nervous system, thereby promoting blood circulation, making breathing smoother and more coordinated. If it is in the cold winter, especially in the north, it is also possible to prepare professional yoga socks to practice.

Six: Please don't step on other people's yoga mats.

It is very rude to step on from someone else's yoga mat. The reason should not have to say one more time! When you enter the classroom, perhaps other practitioners have already chosen their favorite location, paved the yoga mat, and even some experienced practitioners will do their own meditation or warm-up exercises before the start of the class. At this time, please bypass the other people's mats, find a location you like, and try to keep quiet or whisper, do not disturb others.

Seven: Do not take a bath and eat immediately after yoga.

Just taking a yoga bath, not only will the yoga effect was greatly reduced, but also have some damage to the body. It is recommended to wash after 30 minutes or one hour after class. If you really need it, you can take a shower 20-30 minutes before class to increase your body's clean and relaxed feeling, reduce muscle tension and help stretch your body. If your practice is in the early morning, you don't have to take a shower before practicing.

In addition, the dietary problems after class are also to be not. It is recommended to eat at least half an hour after the practice, with fruits and vegetable, light food is appropriate.

Are you ready for your yoga beginning?Let me know with your comment.


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