9 Most Concerned Yoga Things

Posted on August 05 2019

9 Most Concerned Yoga Things

Here are 9 most concerned things for yoga trainer, let’s see what thing they care about.

1, yoga pants

The necessity of practicing yoga, the original is visual! Can only say that beauty is also the nature of yoga people! Photos and content related to yoga pants, usually refers to the close-up (women wearing yoga pants (usually the back), yoga pants are very popular, not only women pay attention to wear yoga pants, but also attract a lot of male attention.)

2, meditation

The role of meditation is growing in popularity not only in the calm mind, but also in medicine. Meditation is considered an important component of yoga by practitioners, and the average person seeks to lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and find deeper ways to relax for health benefits.

3, Fitness

Health life is increasingly valued, no wonder fitness in the popular standard; although yoga is not only fitness and health, but more and more people because of fitness and practice yoga; Yoga to conditioning the body, increasing flexibility, building core muscles, is a great workout.

4, Health

Yoga promotes health on many levels, encourages; daily exercises, and helps practitioners exercise their core muscles; Mentally, it helps to relax and thus reduce stress-related illnesses. Yoga can also promote a healthy and clean diet away from fast food and unhealthy snacks.

5, handprints

Handprints are symbolic gestures of Hinduism and Buddhism, and yoga breathing and adjustment exercises are used to stimulate different parts of the body associated with breathing. Yoga has a wide variety of handprints, including Gyanhandprints,Vayu handprints,Prithvi handprints,Agni handprints, and more.

6, Love

Love is an important element of yoga, and many people love to share meaningful sentences or elegant yoga styles on social media to express their love of practice, and to share what yoga learns from yoga, a large part of which is love and acceptance. Yoga teaches them to love themselves, and then projects love outwards into the universe.

7, exercise

Think yoga is like a relaxing walk! in the park, you'll find that yoga is also an exercise! Yoga (Vinyasa) and Ashtanga yoga are extremely athletic because it includes a range of crocodile-style (chaturanga) or cane-style (ashtanga) yoga (dandasana),like fitness ; moves; Although Hada Yoga and Yin Yoga are less active, they also have difficulty, so don't think yoga is not an exercise.

8, Yogi

What do you call a person practicing yoga? Yogi! The name of yogi has become part of popular culture, and regular yoga practitioners are often referred to as yogi, although the media has made yogi a common term for men and women, but yoga practitioners actually refer to male practitioners, female practitioners are called yogini.

9, Hands together

The perfect gift is the greeting you often hear at the end of a yoga class, and when you put your palm close to your chest, you say Namastein your mouth, literally meaning I bow to you.

This gesture is to believe that each of us has a divine spark, and when we bow to each other, we express not only one person's perception of another, but also a deep humility.

Which is the most important thing for you? Leave us a message and discuss it together.



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