What Should Wear For The Gym

Posted on August 26 2019

What Should Wear For The Gym

What kind of equipment is so dazzling in the gym, which one is necessary and which one is not necessary? Introduce one by one to everyone today~

Tight shirt

No matter where you exercise, a sports suit is necessary. Many people wear jeans and overalls to go to the gym to exercise. It is not suitable for you and gym leggings.

A pice of fit sportswear doesn't necessarily improve your athleticism, but it won't delay you.

Then there is a lot of sportswear. Here, we will introduce you to fitness-specific tights. Nowadays, the tight clothes of the mainstream manufacturers are specially designed according to the "fitness" movement. The body's movement track and sweating parts will be specially treated, so the clothes will be in terms of ductility, breathability, and wrapping. Behaving better and can help you play better.


"Skins" has become a standard for superheroes.

Therefore, tights are more suitable for fitness wear than other types of sportswear. Its heat dissipation, perspiration, and stretchability are better than other sportswear, not to mention the ordinary compassion that is worn every day.

Tights are also available in different styles, with long sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless. The three sports are suitable for different sports and seasons.



It is also important to emphasize here that some people are afraid of heat, so they choose to be shirtless or wear a loose vest for training. However, these methods can not achieve a good effect of perspiration and heat dissipation, but because a sweat stays on the body, affecting the body sense and affecting the training state, so tights are more necessary.

Female Tight Shirt

The girls need to pay special attention here!

Sports underwear is a must for you!


First of all, compared to ordinary underwear, sports underwear is more excellent in sweat absorption and breathability, which reduces problems such as bacterial growth caused by sweating during exercise.

  • Secondly, sports underwear has a good ductility that allows you to stretch in motion.
  • Finally, and the most important point! During the exercise, our body will carry out continuous vibrations of large or small, and during this period, sports underwear can play a good role in fixing and supporting the chest. If you don't wear sports underwear for exercise, the chest is likely to sag because of continuous vibration, which is what all girls don't want to see.

There are also kinds of sports underwear, and if you choose improperly, you can't protect your chest.

Depending on the type of sports, the types of sports underwear are also different, providing different protection and support effects. Let's take the example of UnderArmour's fitness underwear to explain the types of sports underwear for the girls.


As shown in the figure, for different sports, the girls should choose between different strength sports underwear. Under normal circumstances, the higher the strength of the sports underwear, the stronger the package and support, the better the stability of the chest. Of course, the price will be higher, but don't choose underwear that can't provide enough support because it is expensive. This will eventually affect the curve and posture of your whole body. It is a sale that has not been lost.

So, girls, for your future happiness, please choose the right sports underwear~


Compared to tights, the appearance of gym leggings is far from being tight, and most of them are concentrated on the legs of the sister. This does reflect the truth. Tights are more suitable for wearing lower limbs, which helps the lower limbs to conduct heat and perspire. If you love sweating, a tight legging is very suitable for you. Conversely, if you don't like sweating, you can wear it only when you are practicing in the lower limbs. Of course, you can not wear it.

Short tights

More suitable for higher temperatures, the price is also cheaper than in the long section.

Recommended index ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Long gym leggings

It is more suitable for lower temperature conditions, and it can also reduce your loss of heat while wicking away.

Recommended index ★★★★☆

Fitness clothing size selection


First of all, combined with the size of the body, and the size given by the manufacturer, this method is mostly accurate.

If you can get on the upper body, it is best to let the clothes stick to your body without feeling tight. If online shopping, it is best to only carry out the size chart comparison, do not follow the recommendation of customer service, because the size they recommend to you is mostly small, personal experience.

Bracers, elbow pads, knee pads


Protective gear is used for protection, not for viewing

These protective gear are protective and protect your joints as much as possible in the event of a runaway limit.

As long as you have not been injured in a specific location, or when you use these parts to hit the limit, it is unnecessary. There are a lot of uninjured people who like to wear these protective gear together, so I really don't think it is necessary.

On the other hand, if you are injured, then the protective gear is particularly important, and you must choose a brand that specializes in protective gear. The price may be higher, but it is better than the protection of your pair of wristbands for 5 yuan.

Another way in which the protective gear works is to reduce the risk of injury when you want to hit the extreme weight.

When choosing a protective gear, try to wear it on and wear it. The protective gear is tightly wrapped around the joint. It is too loose to protect. On the contrary, too close may cause blood circulation to be blocked and affect training.



The exclusiveness of the sweat-loving friends is very good to prevent sweat from flowing into the eyes or mouth during the group.


sports shoes


A pair of sneakers can handle almost all sport, of course, you can also choose to train special shoes.

Power belt


This can be regarded as the simplest protective gear. The average person gets it not because he bought it himself, but it is often presented as a gift for various sports supplements...

However, I personally don't like it very much. Because it is so simple that it loses its humanity, wearing it to make heavyweight deadlifts and boating, it is particularly uncomfortable to get the wrist bones. After completing a group of training, the wrist has become blue and purple. But if you don't use it to make a heavy-weight hard-drawing boat, it doesn't seem to have much effect.

Power wrist


Bracers and booster belt.

This is a very functional and practical tool.

First, it can completely replace the role of ordinary wristbands, and can adjust the elastic to protect the wrist joint;

The second is that it is very comfortable to wear, unlike the power belt with too much pressure to break the wrist;

Finally, his most direct role - to reduce the force of the forearm.

This function is important for trainers who are "developed with a natural forearm" or "habitually congested in the forearm during training." For this type of person, the training of any part of the week, the developed forearm likes to "join a leg", stealing the feeling and force of the target muscle, often it is always the first part of the congestion.

With the help of the wristband, it limits the force and growth of the forearm and can solve many problems... So the power-assisting wristband is the only protective gear that some people put in their bags all year round. Almost all training can be done. Use it... Conversely, if your forearm is naturally weak, or if you need to develop your own grip, then this thing is less useful.

Weightlifting belt

There are roughly two materials, nylon, and leather. Although the belt is the mainstream, the nylon belt has its value because it is much lighter to carry; in addition, the belt is not easy to buy, the poor quality belt is very hard and not close to the waist, and nylon belts generally do not have this problem.

Weightlifting belts are mainly used for heavy squats, deadlifts, boating and pushing that require high core strength training. The belt can pressurize the core area to ensure the stability and safety of the spine during weight training.

There are also some bodybuilders who are used to wearing it. Their reason is to use the waist belt in routine training to reduce the pressure on the core muscles and avoid thickening of the waist (studies show that this view is nonsense).

Under normal circumstances, we do not advocate that the trainer carry it with you, which may hinder the core area from becoming more and more powerful, which is not conducive to the development of basic quality.

In addition, for some training that requires "abdominal inhalation", the belt should not be too tight:

For example, heavyweight squat training, light belt protection may not be enough, need to inhale air into the abdominal cavity to ensure the true stability of the core area, if the belt is too tight, it will hinder the process and cause damage to the body.


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