Sweat Series Recommendation

Posted on March 03 2021

Sweat Series Recommendation

   There’s scientifically proven that people who wear sauna suits have an increased metabolism of 20.8% and facilitates greater weight loss and actually, there’s a whopping 40.4% increasing in weight loss when compared to exercise perform without sauna suits.

    A sauna suit causes your body to burn up more fat as the other bodily functions increase. It is only once you have used a sauna suit that you can truly appreciate the benefits that it has to offer. Since sauna suits can make you sweat far more than usual with prolonged use. Here are some recommended series for you to consider selecting.


  1. Corset Series


Our 3 in 1 waist and thigh trimmer has 4 columns of strong hook-and-eyes, you can adjust it according to your size. It is made from high-quality rubber bands, nylon, and polyester, providing a great sauna effect and cinches your waist. The waist corset has the look of a highly useful sweatsuit on the outside with high waist full-body coverage, making it possible for your weight loss by melting away water weight and unwanted fat using your body’s natural heat.

All you have to do is move around and exercising a little bit. It not only helps promote your body temperature in a short time and locks the heat steadily but also achieves the goals of lifting your sexy butt, slimming your attractive waist, and shaping your thighs. It is designed as a workout suit by making it slim-fit and non-bulky, which is available in multiple sizes - M, L, XL.


  1. Slimming Series


The slimming sweatsuit series is a very high-quality sweatsuit, designed to provide maximum performance and durability. It can raise our body temperature, just like sauna around our abdomen and help us eliminate toxins by following a healthy lean diet, which is an ideal gift for every female, especially for postpartum recovery.

The U-shape breast design makes your chest more erect and attractive, giving you a beautiful and charming hourglass figure. This is very best for Zumba, yoga, running, etc. All exercise with our waist cincher shaper can make you lose weight and reshape your body. You can wear it with a tank top underneath or under your daily clothes as well.


  1. Tummy Series



Now are our two different tummy series. One is a classic version, equipped with an adjustable trimmer belt. Another one is an upgraded 3-in-1 sauna suit with a waist trainer, waist trimmer, and sports bra with personalized camo print plus an invisible chest cup, making the chest curve more charming and more comfortable. Breathable mesh has been added to the groin area and under the arms to provide ventilation where it is most needed.

It comes in premium neoprene material and equipped with an adjustable trimmer belt to ensure a snug fit, available in various sizes and colors, available in pink and blue color with stylish designs with a tank top vest which will be appealing to all fashionable girls out there.

The design hastens body toning and enhances weight loss. The waist trimmer has a strong velcro strap so you have control over how tight you want to keep it. After putting on the sweatsuit, you can freely adjust the trimmer belt around your waist for the best tummy control effect.

  1. Men'sSeries


At last, men series. Would you like to hit the gym with your boyfriend or husband? If yes, this sauna vest for men would be your best choice.

This sauna zipper vest for men is made from 80% neoprene and 20% nylon polyester fabric in high quality, which is stretchable and skin-friendly. It can move with you via any exercise or even in your daily life. Using this suit will help you increase flexibility, increase metabolism, detoxify the immune system, lose weight faster, burn more calories and increase mental and physical toughness.

More importantly, it has a sparkling highlight. With a specially anti-slip and lockable zipper design, it is great for putting on or off with ease, and the protective layer inside can protect your skin as zipping up.

Fitness is a critical key to healthy living. If you need to meet certain fitness goals, then our activewear might be your best pick. We have considered some important aspects like the materials used. We all hope our design has met your needs.


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