Can yoga really lose weight?

Posted on June 06 2019

Can yoga really lose weight?

Whether yoga can lose weight, the answer is yes. Long-term adherence to the right yoga practice can not only achieve the effect of losing weight, but you will also be rewarded with a basket of weight loss. Weight loss is only a small part of the benefits you have gained.

  • Does yoga can lose weight?

From the perspective of exercise itself, stretching exercises such as yoga are not as effective and effective as aerobic and anaerobic exercise for weight loss. However, compared with other sports, the effect of yoga is likely to exceed your expectations and will be invisible. Surprise in the middle. Yoga is a kind of static stretching. It enters a posture in a gentle, stable and gradual way, staying at the extension limit of the body for a certain period of time. In the process, you need to be vigilant at all times, taking care to stretch and contract. The muscles, and then take care of our inner, and finally get the balance of the body, the internal balance.

This is the biggest difference between yoga stretching and dynamic stretching, aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Other sports, the more unrestrained music, the more gorgeous the equipment, you may be more energetic, but yoga does not need, you only need to care about your breathing; Yoga needs to be coherent and continuous, stretch in calm, and calm in meditation; Other sports, you can go where to eat at night, lead tomorrow to explain the work, but yoga is not good, you are easily injured because of not focusing. Yoga requires you to be focused enough, and you must not be half-hearted.

  • The best yoga pants for you

Yoga pants with pockets instead of zips are suitable for everyone. Many yoga clothes have a small zip pocket, designed for the back of the yoga suit, for storing the keys to the cabinet, and the sports bra is also designed on the back. Try to avoid wearing this kind of clothes to practice yoga. Many yoga styles require you to lie on the entire back and stick to the ground. Any highlight will make you feel uncomfortable or even bruised.

Comfortable natural fabric When choosing a yoga suit, it must be comfortable and natural, and also have better ductile breathability. Along fit yoga clothes are mainly made of polyester fiber or full fabric, our clothes are breathable, sweat-absorbing and soft, and will not make your body feel tense. Especially our mesh yoga capris let you move more stretched.  


  • Choose your own style yoga bottoms

A pair of yoga pants leggings with your own style will make you feel more enjoyable while practicing, and lightweight yoga pants can improve your experience and experience. ALONGFIT has different yoga clothes for women to make you more unique in the crowd.

Yoga can lose weight and show personal qualities; wearing the right yoga clothes can make you enjoy the exercise process. Have you bought the right women‘’s yoga leggings?


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