How to choose yoga wear?

Posted on July 15 2020

Yoga seems to be the first choice for women's fitness or bodybuilding. Especially after the promotion and popularization of yoga courses in these years, more and more female friends get relaxed by practicing yoga after work or study.

Of course, it is necessary to practice yoga. A comfortable yoga suit is indispensable, which can reduce the sense of restraint during the practice. At present, there are more and more diversified styles of yoga suits on the market, with different textures, colors, and styles. So how to choose yoga wear?


3 fabrics commonly used in the production of yoga wear

Speaking of how to choose clothes, the most important thing is Clothing material. Since it’s wearing on your body direct contact with your skin, we should choose it wisely. The following are 3 types of fabrics commonly used in the production of yoga wear.

Polyester (polyester) yoga wear:
Polyester is very versatile and is widely used in the manufacture of clothing fabrics and industrial products. Polyester has excellent shape setting properties. After the polyester yarn or fabric is shaped, the flatness, fluffy shape or pleats, etc. after repeated washing in use, can still be unchanged for a long time. Yoga clothing made of polyester or polyester+spandex, made of polyester filament or short fiber yarn with round and irregular cross-section, is a polyester fabric with a silk appearance style. It is cheap, wrinkle-free and iron-proof, and is popular among consumers.

Nylon (nylon) yoga wear:
This is the most sold yoga clothing fabric currently on the market. Everyone knows that nylon has outstanding performance in terms of wear resistance and elasticity, which is also in line with the usage scenarios required for yoga clothing. In order to make yoga clothing have More excellent elasticity, clothing manufacturers will spin into 5% to 10% spandex (Lycra) when producing yoga clothes, and the price of such fabrics is not high. Such yoga clothes are on the market with extremely high-cost performance. Get good sales.


Cotton yoga clothing:
Pure cotton is also a good choice for the production of yoga clothing because the cotton fabric has good moisture permeability. After wearing it, it is soft and comfortable, and there is no sense of restraint. Cotton is very suitable for the production of sports fabrics, but its performance in wear resistance is not as good as that of nylon and other chemical fiber fabrics. It will shrink more or less after long wear or washing. Or the phenomenon of wrinkling, the price of pure cotton yoga clothing is higher than the two introduced above.


4 tips to choose the most suitable yoga wear

1.The material should be environmentally friendly
Environmental protection of yoga fabrics: Although professional or well-known brands have little change in the composition of new yoga clothes (viscose 95%, spandex 5%), all new fabrics all use the most advanced reactive dyeing technology at present, and Many small-brand yoga clothes on the market still use traditional hydrogen sulfide dye, which contains formaldehyde and other toxic substances.

Yoga clothing belongs to underwear products and should pay more attention to its health and environmental protection characteristics. Practitioners will sweat a lot during exercise. If the close-fitting clothing is not truly environmentally friendly and healthy, harmful substances will enter the human skin and body along with the relaxation of the pores, which will cause greater harm to the human body in the long run.

We practice yoga for the sake of health. If we can’t choose the right environmentally friendly and healthy yoga products, it’s really worth the loss. Now that the environment is seriously polluted, health and environmental protection are people's thirst. To truly care for yourself, we must carefully choose good products, and we are responsible for ourselves and our families.

2.The fabric must be professional
The fabric has good moisture absorption and perspiration, high density, and good elasticity. The fabric will become a little thicker after washing, which effectively avoids the problem of pilling and slack, and has good shape retention. Because yoga clothes are basically worn once and washed once. If the fabric is poor, it will not take long to wear, and it is easy to embarrass the situation of running out of light and exposing the scenery.

The horizontal fiber of the yoga clothing fabric has strong control, which means that although it is elastic, it will not be wrapped like before. body. Breathable and hygroscopic, without sticking to the skin when sweating; it can keep warm in winter, and it feels refreshing to wear in summer, and environmental performance meets the standard; it does not change shape after repeated washing, and the fabric retains natural luster; it can perfectly reflect the beauty of the practitioner's form.

3.Yoga suit color
Try to choose fresh and elegant colors, with solid colors as the best, which can relax your visual nerves and calm yourself down quickly. Don't let the colors jump too much and bedazzling. Try to avoid wearing colors when practicing yoga.

4.Yoga suit style
To highlight the personality, you can choose clothing with Indian ethnic style, loose and natural, there is a mysterious sense of elegant and free; there is a modern style of fitness clothes, good tightness, and elasticity, you can also bring out a beautiful figure It is generally more appropriate to practice hot yoga. You can choose according to your preferences.


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