How To Choose The Right Yoga Wear Via Fabric

Posted on June 17 2019

How To Choose The Right Yoga Wear Via Fabric

I believe that many people should have taken a lot of detours in choosing yoga clothes. I didn't know that many yoga clothes were written on nylon or some polyester.

Why are some easily deformed? Some have poor elasticity and some rub the skin! Even wearing a cotton t-shirt to go running!

Study the fabrics of yoga clothes today and choose the yoga suit that suits you.

 Part 1: Polyester

Polyester is the main fabric in fitness fabrics and the fabric we see most often on the labels of clothing. Basically plastic fabric, durable, anti-wrinkle, light weight, breathable, non-absorbent, which means that the moisture on your skin will evaporate rather than being sucked into the fabric.

Polyester also blocks UV rays and provides insulation even in wet conditions.

But the main disadvantage of polyester is that it has an odor. Synthetic materials promote bacterial growth, and it is not as fast as polypropylene or nylon.

Part 2:Spandex

Spandex is an abbreviation for polyurethane fiber and is an elastic fiber. Spandex Spandex - also known as lycra (elastic fiber for the production of tights, swimwear and other tight-fitting clothing) - adds elasticity to sportswear.

This synthetic fiber can be expanded upon nearly 600% of its size, providing an unrestricted range of motion and then bounced back in place. Spandex is also breathable, absorbs moisture and is quick-drying.

That's why some famous brands use this material to make workout clothes, because the main benefits of spandex products are free to move; they can prevent less scratches; give the fitness body maximum comfort; and also have antibacterial and hygroscopic effects. .

To sum up: good elasticity, acid and alkali resistance, sweat resistance, seawater resistance, dry cleaning resistance and wear resistance are good.


The follow is spandex yoga pants from lululemon.

 lululemon fabric

And space green Yoga Pants of Alongfit


Combination of spandex and polyester, which not only has the breathability of spandex, but also the lightness of polyester. obviously, this yoga leggings affordable yoga pants.

Part 3:Nylon 

Nylon is the first synthetic fiber in the world, and nylon is a term for polyamide fiber. This synthetic fiber has been used to make women's stockings, soft and silky, resistant to mildew and dry quickly.

Nylon is also breathable, draining sweat from the skin to the surface of the fabric and evaporating.

Nylon traces can be found in all kinds of sportswear, which is a high-tech.

But in fact, the choice of sportswear is nothing more than light, does not rub the skin and fit the body, comfortable and soft, breathable and wick a few points.

If you are a hot yoga enthusiast, consider a yoga suit that includes nylon and spandex, and suitable hot yoga apparel that will keep you in a comfortable environment in a large amount of perspiration. Here we recommend hot yoga leggings of Alongfit, which are soft and comfortable, not perspective, and a good choice of choosing hot yoga wear.


Most yoga clothes are basically made of nylon, polyester, and spandex (Leica). A little better is the Lycra fabric.

In short, according to your own goals, whether it is outdoor or indoors, or a sweaty exercise, choose your own best.

General fitness nylon, polyester, spandex can be!

Of course, we must also look good, I want to say one thing: most brands of materials are similar, not necessarily the most expensive, but the most important choice is the most comfortable.


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